I work as coach and mentor. It has so far been done face to face with an occasional dash of emails and chat. That works very well but it limits my market to people I can meet in real life.

I now have the opportunity to develop a location independent version of my services. The e-version of mentoring and coaching means we use electronic communications like email, chat and Skype. It’s still one on one but it’s not face to face. The benefit is that it does not matter where coach/mentor and client is, differences in time and place can be solved by user the proper tools.

I have a client that’s willing to be a guinea pig and to help me figure out how to best use online tools in the process. It’s really important to find and use a mix of tools that makes the digital mentor and coach process work just as well as the physical version does.

I’ll be back with more information during the development process.

This was originally posted at Bengt’s Notes, another blog of mine.