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Start your day better, change your morning routine

I came across two posts today about how to start your day better. It’s simple actions, integrate them in your morning routine and your days (and nights) will be better.

The first one is Brighten Your Day With a Morning Routine!. There are six tips on that page, I highlight these ones.

Start the night before. Don’t wait to plan your day until after it’s started! By writing out your to-do lists and goals for the next day the night before, you’ll already have a plan in place when your feet hit the floor.

Another benefit of writing things down is that it clears our mind. It’s on paper (or in your computer) so there’s no longer any need to think about it.

Hydrate, right away Overnight is (hopefully) the longest period of time you go without drinking water. No one is trying to get in the way of you and your coffee, but chug some water while you wait for it to brew.

I start my day with a glass of water, before doing anything else. It’s a lesson from Ayurveda.

Set your intention. Negative thoughts never lead to good things, especially first thing in the morning! Set an intention for the day, even if it’s just making a note to smile. If you start to feel negative, remember your intention and refocus your energy toward staying positive!

Our intention and mindset matters a lot. Get it right and the day turns out better.

The second one is 6 One-Minute Morning Routines That’ll Make Starting Your Day Easier. Out of the six tips on that page, I highlight these ones.

For the Person Who Can’t Stop Pressing Snooze: Hydrate Instead According to The Huffington Post, hitting snooze only confuses your body more and can negatively affect you for two to four hours after you wake up. So, rather than pressing the button, try chugging a cold glass of water to rehydrate yourself—trust me, it works.

For the Person Who Always Wakes Up Stressed: Practice Mindfulness

For the Person Who Wakes Up Feeling Meh: Practice Appreciation Practice appreciation and you’ll be happier, simple as that. One study by the University of Manchester had subjects spend a couple minutes each day writing down three things that they were grateful for. As a result, each subject improved his or her quality of sleep and felt overall more refreshed!

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