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The Life Coaching Handbook

The Life Coaching Handbook: Everything You Need to Be an Effective Life Coach is written by Curly Martin. The subtitle is a mouthful but I like the book and it really covers a lot. It is a book I will go back to for reference, to refresh my knowledge and to find new views on life coaching.

This complete guide to life coaching reveals what life coaching IS, how to coach yourself and others effectively and how to create and sustain a successful coaching practice. Leading you through a comprehensive programme of Advanced Life Coaching Skills, it contains key NLP-based techniques that include State Control, Rapport-building, Spiral Coaching, Meta-programs, Meta-languages and The Milton Model.

Here are some qoutes from the book that stuck in my mind:

Life coaching concentrates on the person’s whole life instead of just one area.

Life coaching is a holistic process that has the power to balance and harmonize life.

The book also lists some elevator pitches or openings. I think this one says a lot: Life coaching can seriously change your life..

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