This page is an overview of the services that I provide, with links to more specific pages when needed. I work as:

  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Sounding Board
  • Consultant

There’s an overlap between some of these services, they can be mixed in a way that suit your needs.


Life coaching can be seen as coaching that covers everything in life because the different parts of life (family, health, relationships, work, career, business) affect each other. That’s OK with me since coaching often covers more than one part of life.

In the descriptions of my services I split it up coaching into:

  • life coaching, sometimes called personal coaching, when the primary focus is on you.
  • business coaching when the primary focus is on your business / work / career.

Business coaching covers small business coaching, executive coaching, corporate coaching and career coaching.

Benefits for you

There’s no need to decide between a business coach and a life coach since I do both. That means I can help you with both business and personal issues during our sessions. As client you control the agenda and which topics we work on. It can change during the time we work together, it’s your goals that matter.

I’m available via phone or over the internet. That means you can be coached at home, in your office or wherever you are.

Learn more about my coaching

Read the Coaching overview: what’s a coach, what’s coaching.

After reading the coaching overview above: check out Types of coaching.

Clarity Coaching and Business Service are specific services I offer.

You can read What Clients Say.


Mentoring is in many ways similar to business coaching. Mentorship is usually set up over a longer time, like a year, with monthly sessions.

The mentor acts as adviser, it’s the client who then decides and acts.

Sounding board

I can be an independent and outside sounding board; someone to bounce ideas, opinions, strategies and point of view with. That will help you move forward faster, get clearer about what you mean and want.


I have worked for many years in IT, I consult as adviser and in project management (mainly soft skills).

I consult on WordPress: advice on setting up a self-hosted site, advice on selecting plugins, give support when needed.

I work on texts, I edit and proofread.


The common thread in my business is that I help people and businesses to develop, change and grow. It is of course possible to mix my services, please email me and we will see what suits you.

What’s next?

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