Are you ready to change?

The goal and purpose with my work is that you shall succeed with the change you want to make. Bigger changes takes an effort and some help, smaller changes we manage on our own.

Working with me requires a few things from you, see Are you ready to change?

If you answered yes to the questions, then you are ready for the next step.


The key component when working with a coach is trust. Without trust it will be an uphill battle. With mutual trust we have a solid foundation to work on and can deal with tough issues too.

You as client have to trust that I’m great at what I do and that confidentiality and ethics works. You need to be comfortable with how we work. I have to trust that you are honest and open in your answers, actions and reactions.

What you get

  • Free starter session, we will decide together if it will be beneficial to proceed.
  • Sessions are one hour long.
  • We will schedule sessions weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or custom.
  • Free email support during the time we work together.
  • The mix of services that you need. Since I am both life coach and business coach we can deal with both personal and business issues.
  • You can be coached wherever you are since I coach over phone or internet.

The custom scheduling can be single sessions on an as needed basis, whether you want just one session or want to have some sessions at times when you need them.

The sessions (on Skype, audio only) can be recorded which means there’s less need to make notes during the session.

Read more about sessions: starter session, other sessions, how many and how often.


The starter session is free.

The price is $135 per session, email support between sessions is included.

Prepay 3 sessions for $360 ($120 per session), email support between sessions is included.

Prepay 6 sessions for $600 ($100 per session), email support between sessions is included.

Payments must be via PayPal and I will email you an invoice. See more in terms and agreement.

Money Back Guarantee

If you prepay a package and during our first session decide that my coaching is not for you, I will issue a full refund. You must request the refund during our call. Any future scheduled sessions will be cancelled.

Terms and Agreement

You can read about the terms and agreement, guidelines and about Confidentiality and Code of Ethics.

The guidelines cover practical topics such as payments, changes and cancellations.

What’s next?

If you’re ready to take the next step and hire me – email me.

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If you have a question – email me.