Here is a simple test, answer Yes or No to the following questions.

Questions – Are you ready to change?

  1. Do you have something in your life that you want to change?
  2. Are you yourself motivated to do the change?
  3. Are you prepared to do the work it takes to go through with the change?

If you answer Yes to all the questions then you can go to Work with me since you have the foundation that’s needed to succeed with the change you want to do.

If you had any No-answer, see if you can work with the reason that gives you a No.

1. If there’s nothing you want to change in your life, then enjoy life as it is.

2. The key word here is that YOU must be motivated to make the change. Someone else, whether a spouse or a boss, telling you that you need to change is not enough.

3. We can only change ourselves. I will be there to motivate, support and encourage you but it still requires a commitment from you to do your work.

What’s next?

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