My overall vision is that I want to make the world a better place.

I have a passion for people. Helping people change combines making the world a better place and working with people.

Each person that change create ripples of change in their surroundings.

I believe it’s possible to merge success (by our own definition) and inner harmony.

See also my three key words (Trust, Connect, Grow).

Key Coaching – Coach Wendel

I started Key Coaching in 2008. From start it was coaching only but over time I have added services that I have done in other contexts before.

Bengt Wendel

In Augusst 2007 I joined a coaching course at CoachCompagniet (Sweden). I had been coaching friends and workmates long before that but the course made me a professional coach.

I have worked for decades in the IT industry, in different roles. The last ten years my focus and interest shifted from software to people. That shift led to the coaching course and starting Key Coaching.

I’m inquisitive, open minded, and love life. Enjoy reading about topics such as leadership, NLP, coaching, mentoring, creativity as well as business oriented books.

I’m very interested in personal development, my own as well as others. Whether we call it finding ourselves or creating ourselves does not matter, it’s all about change. Like many I’m on a spiritual journey. I’m interested in Eastern philosophies like Zen, Tao and Buddhism.

Bengt’s Notes is my personal hub and blog in English. The core topics are personal development and presentations but it also touches on blogging, software, apps and some more. The tag line says “Discover Your Self.”

What’s next?

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Photo of Bengt in orange is taken by Nina Grabavac.