“Your Business Card Says a Lot About You – How Does Yours Rate?” was a useful page. There were ten criteria to help you rate your own (as well as others) business card and see how the card score.

The ten criteria were:

  • The weight of the card stock feels substantial and isn’t flimsy.
  • The company name or logo is clear and easy to read and is the largest item on the card.
  • The logo is unique and doesn’t look like it came from the clip art of a desktop publishing program.
  • The font size and style make the information easy to read.
  • The person’s name is the second most prominent item on the card.
  • There’s a telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and Web site – all clearly marked.
  • If the card is in color, there isn’t an overuse of colors and there’s a sense of a company color scheme.
  • The back of the card is used for additional information.
  • The card is well designed and professional in appearance.
  • There isn’t an overload of copy and there’s some white (empty) space.

Score two points for each of the criteria above. If a card meets only part of a criterion, give it one point.

The fax number is hardly relevant anymore. Phone and email takes care of communication.

This was originally posted at another (now extinct) blog of mine.