Success from the Nest has a post about When is it okay to work for free…?. It is about setting up your own rules for when it is OK to work for free.

Remember it’s up to you to determine your value. How you approach your work is going to set the standard for the work that you do.

There is also a post titled ‘Bout Free Milk and a Cow. Among other things it says:

Freeloaders are not where you want to be wasting your time. It’s not fair to you, and it’s not fair to your clients. Your knowledge and expertise are valuable. You know that. Your clients know that.

To sum it up, your brain capital has a value so do not give away too much of it for free. I do some pro bono work but that is the exception, not the standard.

Note: The image is borrowed from Success from the Nest.

This was originally posted at another (now extinct) blog of mine.