In the book Do Less, Achieve More is mentioned that Harvard and INSEAD see meditation and intuition as the business tools of the future. A search using Google showed just one source apart from quotes from the book. In a newsletter from International Coach Federation – New York City Chapter it said as introduction to a presentation by Mark Thornton, former Chief Operating Officer for JPMorgan Bank in London:

Harvard Law, Columbia Business School, Insead and McKinsey & Co. do it – why don’t coaches? Meditation is a way to build critical emotional awareness, reduce reactivity and gather wisdom outside the traditional. Using role plays of difficult conversations, dialogues and interactive sessions, coaches will access places beyond reason and emotion where some of their true wisdom and best skills reside.

At “Mark Thornton” I found this quote from Mr. Claude Rameau, Former Dean of the World at INSEAD:

We do not know how to teach meditation and intuition, so we built a large meditation hall for teachers, executives, and students to just sit quietly and contemplate resting within.

At Mark’s website it says that:

His meditation courses have helped industry leaders — including The New York Times, Deloitte Touche, the Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative and others — learn to reduce stress, maintain focus, and stay inspired, while building inner mastery and enhancing overall creativity.

I do short meditations before client sessions in order to focus and prepare mentally.

At my other blog are posts about Meditation, including about the book The 5-minute Meditator which talks about spot meditations – an interesting topic.

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