Know Yourself Change Yourself

Tim Brownson has written an e-book titled Know Yourself Change Yourself. The book deals with beliefs and values and as Tim writes:

Your belief systems and values make you tick as a person.

The book looks at the difference between a belief and a value. It also deals with how to change a belief, some of them can hold you back.

We all carry loads of beliefs, some of them through our entire lives while others are discarded as we add other beliefs along the way. Beliefs can empower you or disempower you, the last ones are known as self-limiting beliefs. That is the negative kind like “I am doomed to fail”. The good news is that beliefs can be changed, replaced by better ones. It takes work but discarding self-limiting beliefs will help you achieve more in life. Tim writes:

Think about what holds you back from fulfilling your undoubted potential. There are some self-limiting beliefs, we need to isolate and deal with them.

The book shows how to work with changing your beliefs:
• word games that help you change
• methods of installing new beliefs
• playing mind tricks on yourself
• using visualization to accomplish goals
• anchoring your beliefs

There is also a section about submodalities which is how our mind internally organizes and ‘views’ events. Anthony Robbins, a well known motivational speaker, states that “our ability to change the way we feel depends upon our ability to change our submodalities.” Tim’s book shows you how you can work with this.

In the part of the book that deals with values Tim writes that:

Values tend to be more static and much more powerful than beliefs can be. Your values are the core of who you are as a person.

There are no right or wrong values. There are only values that are right or wrong for You!

The book has worksheets that help you sort out your hierarchy of core values and away-from-values. That is a great exercise since it helps you figure out both your core and what you do not like. Tim also talks about conflicting values, for instance your core values does not match the values at your work.

You can could buy the e-book at A Daring Adventure. Price is was $9.99 which is a good great investment if you want to know yourself better and then change yourself.

This was originally posted at Forty Plus Two, another blog of mine.


  1. Darlene

    there is no such book link is dead

    • Bengt

      Tim has removed the page (and book). Post updated.

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