Jonathan Mead is one of my favourite bloggers. He had a guest post at Zen Habits about “7 Essentials For Living Your Fullest Potential”.

As a coach I use the tag line Unlocking your potential. It is your life, make the most of it!. Jonathan’s post is highly relevant, potential is a fussy term. Jonathan writes that:

Even though we may not ever be able to measure our potential, we can develop habits to help us grow. Here are 7 essentials I’ve found to ensure that you are the best possible version of yourself.

The seven essentials are:
1. Have an open mind.
2. Seek out new perspectives and contexts.
3. Ask for what you want.
4. Help other people succeed.
5. Think different.
6. Work smart, not hard.
7. Change your auto-response.

This is a great list and each is point is explained in the post.

This was originally posted at another (now extinct) blog of mine.