In the spirit of looking back and learning from past mistakes, @sethsimonds posts about 7 Mistakes I’ve Made Managing People. It’s a great post and we can all learn something from his list. Here is an overview of the seven mistakes that Seth made, for details visit his blog post.
• I failed to verbally acknowledge stressful moments
• I maintained pet peeves
• I neglected consistent contributors
• I overlooked individual goals in pursuit of business targets
• I failed to show the people working for me that I cared about them as individuals
• I failed to take proper care of myself
• I spent more time optimizing machines for pennies than I did investing in people for dollars

Seth has a very simplistic blog design, using the K2 theme. I like his description in the About-page:

I’m a writer, avid reader, tea-enthusiast, and know how to put just the right amount of lime in a gin-and-tonic.

This was originally posted at Bengt’s Notes, another blog of mine.