Feedback from clients, what are my strengths as a coach.

Trust, you radiate trust and do not take over. You focus on the client and inspire confidence.

Intuitive listening as well as simple and accessible language, creating clear images of options and choices for the client.

You really see the individual and have a remarkable ability to get the client to open up and talk about what they see as their worst sides and vices without in any way condemn. As client you can show up with all your shortcomings, and be met with kindness and encouragement.

It’s very liberating that you somehow see through me. Then you go ahead and “force” me kindly but firmly to think myself and find out about where to go and how to get there. When walking away from a meeting with you one always feels hopeful and has a concrete tool to work with.

You are a very good listener. You are calm and give me time. Makes me think myself.

You are honest, go straight to the point, have a strong intuition, have life experience. You are stubborn and will not give up.

You have a presence and an interest in me when you are coaching. You are here and now.

You are a good listener! It is important, your client feels safe, accepted and respected. A good listener brings something new, opens other viewpoints and creates new perspectives. This allows you to build motivation for change.

You listen very well. You say only what’s essential, and everything you say has meaning and quality. You send a short summary of our conversation afterwards. The good thing about this is partly that you do so, but mostly the content: very clear and concise therefore it has great power.

Genuine interest; you seem to be genuinely interested in the issues we discuss and you are involved in them. You really want to get on with the problem.

Intelligent listening. Work and life experience. You have the ability to find the crucial point.

You are good at listening and you’re structured.

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