Of all the things successful people do to accelerate their trip down the path to success, participating in some kind of coaching program is at the top of the list.
Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

What is a coach?

A coach is a catalyst, someone that causes an important event to happen. When a client is ready to change the coach helps to get the change process started, helps the client stay focused and to figure out what to change.

A coach is also a facilitator, someone who makes progress easier. The way a coach works during coaching sessions makes progress easier, makes the progress more visible and gives the client credit for their actions. The coach will also point out when actions are not taken.

What is Coaching?

This is how ICF – International Coach Federation – defines it:

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

A professional coaching relationship exists when coaching includes a business agreement or contract that defines the responsibilities of each party.

An ICF Professional Coach also agrees to practice the ICF Professional Core Competencies and pledges accountability to the ICF Code of Ethics.

What’s next?

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