Jason at JibberJobber posted about The Visualization – Where Will You Be? and Career Management Visualization – an example.

I hate your job had an interesting post about “Personal Mission Statements: Way Cool” where it says something well worth to remember and consider:

Do you realize that the average person spends more time planning a vacation than they spend planning their life?

In another post, “An Explosion of Purpose and Fulfillment”, was good advice:

Avoid putting in fluff and buzzwords unless you’re a corporation–try to create a document that really focuses on actions that you can perform each day and that are meaningful to you.

I work as a coach and am working on some pitches for that:
• I make the world a better place, one person at a time.
• I help people change their life for the better.
• I help people find and attain their goals.

Here are some interesting openings from The Life Coaching Handbook
• Call me only if you are serious abut making the changes you have always wanted to make.
• I am a magician. I reawaken dreams and make them come true.
• I am in show business – I show you how to achieve the life you want.

I avoid using the word coach because then people already have a label for me and stop listening. My intention is to make them interested enough to ask more.

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